King Pen [2016]

Dante Higgins
Hip Hop
  1. King Pen -:-- / 3:44
  2. 100 Likes -:-- / 4:01
  3. Play Dumb feat. Paul Wall -:-- / 3:47
  4. McDonald’s Drive Thru -:-- / 4:07
  5. Majix Studios feat. Alicia James -:-- / 4:28
  6. Run Tell That feat. Undergravity -:-- / 3:45
  7. Black Lives Matter -:-- / 3:31

Dante Higgins unveils plans to release a new EP, King Pen, to kick off the summer.

Ever since he signed with Breadwinner Music Group, life has been pretty good for Dante Higgins. The Houston emcee who still puts a premium on flow as opposed to punchlines, aligned himself with C. Stone the Breadwinner and his affiliates last year; and as a result, his brand has never been stronger.

But #HigHeadz – the collective term for Higgins’ most devoted fans and followers – have been clambering for new material from the rapper. Good ForeverDante’s last release and first under the Breadwinner banner, is over a year old, after all. Thankfully, Dante Higgins plans to kick off the summer by breaking his silence.

On Monday, Higgins formally announced an upcoming new EP, entitled King Pen. The title refers to a new moniker the rapper has added to his arsenal (alongside “Snotty Nose Bastard”); but it also references Higgins’ commitment to writing his rhymes and reaffirming the spoken word aspect of his artistry. The rapper broke news of the project by way of his Instagram.

The seven-track EP is entirely produced by up-and-coming Houston producer Charity E. Vaughn; and is slated to bear features from Paul Wall, Alicia James, and his “The Freshest MCs” cohorts UnderGravity.