Rhymes For Months [2013]

Dante Higgins
Hip Hop
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Throughout his entire rap career, two things can certainly be said about Dante Higgins – the fact that he always brings his “A” game to every track; and the fact that he’s so consistent. For those who have been “Hig Headz” from the very beginning, they’ve known that Higgins more or less must have had another installment in mind in his “Rhymes For” series. Listeners had previously gotten Rhymes for Days and Rhymes for Weeks, so the fact that Rhymes For Months – a gift to his fans on Higgins’ own birthday, at that – was the moniker for the tape that would complete the “TRILLogy” isn’t a total surprise.

As the cover of Higgins’ Rhymes For Months: TRILLogy tape borrows as inspiration the logo image for the popular Mortal Kombat Trilogy video game, it’s all but understood that TRILLogy is Higgins more or less yelling “FINISH HIM!” to the rap game and to the competition, dropping a steady flow of bars on every track and turning each of the mixtape’s freestyles into the kinds of lyrical fatalities that will remain quotable long after you’ve finished listening to the tape for the first time. Rhymes for Months: TRILLogy exists as a nice blend of the old school and new school, bearing features from Lil’ KeKe, Young Scotty, and Doughbeezy and Propain on the title track, and concluding with an epic Screwed Up Click tribute track (“Turning Lane”).

Given that Dante Higgins dropped his debut album, The Dante Higgins Story, earlier in 2012 and appears to be closing the year out with Rhymes For Months: TRILLogy mixtape, you can’t ever say Higs-mas Christmas didn’t come twice this year.