Delorean Takes It To The Radio With “The Rollcall” And #TheRollCallChallenge | @iamdelorean @buddieroe7100 @bigg_fatts @DanteHiggins @KDOGG_BNFA

DeLorean flips a Houston radio staple with verses from some heavy hitters.

Even as a child, I thought I could freestyle. I thought I had the courage to call up 97.9 on a random morning before school and drop a quick little four-bar verse. Hours before his Nights At The International Ballroom drops, DeLorean figures the same. “The Rollcall,” a KBXX staple gets turned into a full-on city wide rap exercise where acts like Bigg Fatts, Buddie Roe, KDOGG and Dante Higgins all represent for their sides of town. Fatts represents South Park, Hig for the boys off Scott. Buddie Roe does it for Briargate in the Mo and KDOGG represents all of the Northside.

The catch, or rather the pull of “The Rollcall” occurs at the very end. PugTunes left a little bit of a beat open for anybody who wanted to jump on the record themselves. The #RollcallChallenge may lead to some pretty spectacular results and hopefully, will signal that Houston already had its own minor version of a Funk Flex Freestyle. Hear “The Rollcall” verses of Bigg Fatts, Buddie Roe, Dante Higgins and KDOGG below. Take your shot with #TheRollcallChallenge now.

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