DJ Young Samm Goes For Heavy Artillery On “Blessed” | @djyoungsamm @doughbeezy @iamdelorean @dantehiggins

DJ Young Samm grabs a trio of Houston for alliteration and bars for “Blessed.”

Houston hip-hop in a way owes a lot to the church. Southern Baptists, in particular, raised a large generation of Houston rap heads. The feeling isn’t lost on DJ Young Samm as the Break Dem Boys Off do-everything brings together three men who’ve all endured a pain or two for “Blessed.” Dante Higgins bats leadoff, shaking off an Achilles injury and an ex who left him when he was low. “Have I been blessed, that’s a good question,” he ponders. Then he jogs off items that firmly put it all in perspective, “Bills paid, still getting laid, get a message every time I hit the stage.” As Doughbeezy rationalizes the real-life situation that ultimately changed his life, Delorean’s thoughts shift around from the Charleston nine to looking his daughter in the eye.

“I’m out here gunning for respect,” Doughbeezy says with the vocal inflection of an old pastor who dabs sweat off of his forehead after every consonanat. “If it ain’t bout no paper then Beezy can’t entertain it. Had to learn when it’s a problem, walking away is a way to handle it.” He still feels an honest pain about the incident that altered his life and understands that none of his words are marks of braggadocio. “I could have left in a casket,” he attests.

Stream the three trials of testimony from DJ Young Samm and company below.

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