Rhymes For Weeks [2011]

Dante Higginsh
Hip Hop

There’s something about Dante Higgins. Underrated, overlooked, not noticed enough, whatever adjective you may use to define someone who absolutely should have something that he hasn’t been given yet. Whether it be the H.I.G. mixtape, his deadly feature on Affiliated Soldierz “Neva Mediocre” or his live performances, Higgins still carries the badge of the serviceable rapper with plenty of bars but not the recognition.

Higgins latest mixtape release Rhyme For Weeks is completely 90s, from texture to polish. While Higgins beat selection for the particular tape ranges anywhere from J. Cole’s “Blow Up” to Missy Elliott’s “All N My Grill”, the purpose served can be traced back to the mid-nineties with Houston mixtapes ran heavily on industry beats, tongue twisting lyrics and a little comedy sprinkled in. Higgins may be one of the few artist in the city that demands a raised game from his featured guests and he gets two absolute tape stealers from Tawn P on “Lauryn Hill Stick Up” & Doughbeezy The Southeast Beast on “H.A.M.”.

If Higgins seems like he’s following the same tired “jacking for beats” concept, it’s not. It’s an interesting twist since Higgins powers his way through concepts without relying heavily on the original creation. It may be a bit of hyperbole but its February & Higgins might already have an early contender for mixtape of the year.